Honeymooning in Saba, the Caribbean’s Crown Jewel

Honeymooning in Saba

Saba is unlike any other island in the Caribbean. For some, this may be enticing: it has no beaches, few roads, and only five square miles. For those who take a closer look, however, Saba is the Caribbean’s crowning jewel and most intoxicating beauty. From world-class diving to verdant rainforests and unrivalled views, Saba is an experience of a lifetime. For a honeymoon in a fairytale world of time gone by, head to Saba, and Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean.

Where to Stay in Saba

Saba has just a handful of accommodation options, but all of them have high ratings. Most people stay in Windwardside, where the hotels are concentrated. In this beautiful little community, you can stay at Selera Dunia Boutique Hotel, where you’ll enjoy picturesque views and breakfast brought directly to your room. Another wonderful Windwardside side hotel is the El Momo Cottages. Here, you can stay in quaint Saban red-roof cottages that open up to the beautiful tropical paradise of the island.

Things to Do

Saba is known as one of the best diving locations in the world. With steep, wildlife-rich reefs directly below its plunging cliffs, Saba’s marine world is the perfect place to explore! You could literally spend all your time diving, but don’t forget to encounter the island itself, as well.

Saba’s tallest peak, Mount Scenery, is the highest point. A hike up the mountain takes about an hour and a half for most trekkers, and it is fairly strenuous. However, the incredible sweeping view from the top is worth it! It’s hard to describe the breathtaking perspective from the top of this tropical volcano. Once you’ve hiked Mount Scenery, you can take advantage of the other trails, which lead to various points of interest on the island: the tide pools, the lava flow, and other towns. Until a few decades ago, these trails were the island’s only mode of transportation! You’ll still find many charming cottages tucked away here and there on the path.

When you’re ready to relax, you’ll find interesting things to do in the towns. Windwardside as a local museum near the gift shop. It’s tough to find, so ask for directions. You can also book a food tour to sample the dining and wining of the island’s best restaurants.

What to Eat

Saba’s various restaurants have a reputation for excellence. Those who take the food tasting tour come away raving about their experience! If you’re hungry when you get off the ferry, you can get a bite at Deep End Bar and Grill. The view alone is worth it, but the food is also awesome. In Windwardside, you can eat at Brigadoon Pub & Eatery. If you’re brave, try the lionfish! A fancier nearby restaurant is the cozy and delicious Restaurant Eden, where you get a French and Mediterranean fusion. Finally, don’t forget to stop at Chez Bubba, a classic Saba experience that includes fine wine, French fare, and wonderful memories.

Breana Johnson is an American expat living in the Caribbean. Aside from being a writer, she’s also a med school wife, foster mom, and little league coach. Her future aspirations include watching someone else break a world record and visiting the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. You can follow Breana’s adventures on her blog at www.3rdculturewife.com.