A Romantic Getaway to Napa Valley, USA

romantic getaway in napa valley

My husband and I visited the beautiful and breathtaking spaces of Napa Valley for a much-needed romantic escape from reality. Napa Valley is mostly known for its wine, but the area has so much more than vineyards. We spent our days visiting wineries, hiking the trails, and enjoying picnics with the sun setting in the background.

During one evening of our getaway, we went on the infamous Napa Valley Wine Train with their Romance on the Rails package. A thirty-six-mile-long journey takes you from Napa Valley to St. Helena and back again. We enjoyed a delicious gourmet dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. The trip takes approximately three hours and we saw some of the more historical wineries in the region from our seats in the Vista Dome.

Things to Do in Napa Valley

We visited wineries on our own too, including the O’Brien Estate Winery, Judd’s Hill Winery, and Modus Operandi Cellars. However, few of the wineries held a candle to the Castello di Amorosa. This winery features a 13th century Tuscan-inspired castle and we couldn’t wait to explore. We did a guided tour to see more of the castle than the general admission allowed. During our tour, we saw the torture chamber, armory, and grand barrel room along with the remainder of the castle. At the end of our tour, we were taken for a private wine tasting, featuring five of their premium wines. We purchased a couple of bottles to take home with us.

Romance in Napa Valley
Romance in Nppa Valley

One of our favorite places for hiking in Napa Valley was the Petrified Forest even though the trails are short and we had to pay admission. View the redwood trees that were turned to stone over 3 million years ago (when a volcano erupted). The admission price was well worth it. There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than standing in the middle of a forest filled with history and tranquility.

We also enjoyed hiking in the Skyline Wilderness Park, with it’s numerous trails. My favorite was the one that led to the Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden. Native plants fill the garden. Amongst the flowers, we found multiple butterflies, and watched them from a bench under a shady tree.

Our time in the Napa Valley was wonderful and even though we were there for quite some time, it did not seem like it was long enough. There was much more that we wanted to do and we can’t wait until we can sneak away and return again.

Written by Jen, a newlywed from the USA.