Your dream honeymoon – top 5 ways to save!

dream honeymoon

Are you organising your wedding and realised that you need to save more money for your dream honeymoon? As soon as you mention the ‘Honeymoon’ word to some companies prices are hiked up 100%.  However, there are some perks that travel companies, hotels and airlines do throw in for honeymooners.  Theses include free breakfast, welcome gifts on arrival, massages and the list go on.  Make sure you are getting bang for your buck when booking your honeymoon.  

Here are our top 5 ways to budget for your dream honeymoon.

Wishing Well at your wedding

A wishing well at a wedding in Australia is pretty much standard these days.  But is there a nice way to ask for money at your wedding.  Click here for some  or my favourite ways to ask for money for your wishing well honeymoon fund.  

Use Points for your dream honeymoon

Do you have points.  There are so many ways that you can gather points in Australia now that you can get flights and accommodation to anywhere in the world.   Check out Point Hacks which gives you some great tips on how many points you need for certain destinations and how to earn them.   

House Swap

A house swap is a great way to have an amazing holiday on a budget.  You can house swap in any destination in the world.  Some swaps even include cars, pools and much more.   Obviously you will need an appealing place for someone to swap with.  Living in a city or by the beach are obviously popular choices for swaps. House Swap Holidays  is just one of many sites to explore this option.

Elope and just have a honeymoon

Weddings are sooooo expensive and depending on your nationality only last 1 day. Why not elope and save your money for an amazing honeymoon that you will never forget.   

Good luck on saving for your honeymoon.   Remember being together is all that matters.  The destination is where your heart is 🙂