Ultimate Destination: Marrakech


Are you thinking of a honeymoon which will excite your senses, tickle your taste buds and show you an insight into a different culture? Then a honeymoon in Marrakech is for you! Imagine watching the sunrise over the medieval medina from the top of your Riad. Cocktails in the sun overlooking the Atlas mountains.  A relaxing hammam with your loved one. Haggling in the souks. Finding your way through the small and narrow winding streets or exploring the picturesque Atlas mountains. You can even ride a camel in the desert!

This Moroccan city is located in the mid-southwestern region of the Marrakech-Safi. It is the 4ht largest city in the country. Marrakesh is a thriving city with alleyways to get lost in, hidden oases and a bustling souk complete with snake charmers. The rose coloured stone buildings and walls light this city up and contrasted against the breathtaking Atlas mountains it is a city full of magic and adventure.

You can plan to visit any time of year as the weather is consistent. Summer will give you temperatures of early 40’s, however, the temperature can drop under the 15 in the evening so you’ll need to ensure you pack for all weathers.

Where to Stay in Marrakech

Marrakech is full of stunning Riads that won’t cost the earth but will give you the romantic escape you desire. A riad is common Moroccan accommodation that is technically a townhouse built around a central courtyard or garden. There are a lot of them within the medina so do have a look round to ensure you find one that suits your needs. Coming in from a day exploring to an oasis like this is really magical. You won’t get a chance to stay in this sort of accommodation within any other country.

Where you should eat in Marrakech

Moroccan food is amazing! The smells, the flavours, the taste and the presentation. You could literally eat only tagines and couscous and you would be satisfied for all your days. There are some amazing restaurants that need to be sampled. There is also a huge street food market in the souk which has something for everyone. Obviously with any street just be careful as you don’t want to spend your honeymoon in the loo. Two restaurants I can recommend are I Limono and Dar Zellij

I Limono has Italian and Moroccan cuisine and the courtyard in the restaurant is beautiful. It feels like you are sitting outside under a lemon tree The Moroccan tiling on the walls and candle lights make for a very romantic setting. This is also in the mid-range price bracket.

Dar Zellij is in the higher end price bracket and is authentic Moroccan cuisine. They also have a guide that will collect you from your riad and walk you to the restaurant. They have a romantic candle lit bar on the top floor under the stars. Within the actual restaurant is beautiful Moroccan style decor. The service is of extremely high standard and if you are lucky you will also see a belly dancing performance while you dine.

Helpful Tips

Most countries will not require a visa for Morocco if you are staying for less than 90 days but it is advisable that you have 6 months validity on your passport. Morocco has its it’s own currency (Moroccan Dirham), which you are unable to get in advance so will need to get this at the airport when you land. Whilst you can get by with English the languages most common are Arabic and French.

This won’t be one of those honeymoons where you lie secluded on a beach staring into each other’s eyes but it will be one where you experience a new culture, see a beautiful part of the world and get lost together under the Moroccan sun and stars.  What could be more romantic than that?


Written by Melanie Harris, a lover of travelling, adventures and general wandering around this amazing world of ours. Check out more at https://thewanderingdarlings.com