A Romantic Getaway to Napa Valley, USA

romantic getaway in napa valley

My husband and I visited the beautiful and breathtaking spaces of Napa Valley for a much-needed romantic escape from reality. Napa Valley is mostly known for its wine, but the area has so much more than vineyards. We spent our days visiting wineries, hiking the trails, and enjoying picnics with the sun setting in the background.Continue Reading →

Honeymooning in Saba, the Caribbean’s Crown Jewel

Honeymooning in Saba

Saba is unlike any other island in the Caribbean. For some, this may be enticing: it has no beaches, few roads, and only five square miles. For those who take a closer look, however, Saba is the Caribbean’s crowning jewel and most intoxicating beauty. From world-class diving to verdant rainforests and unrivalled views, Saba is an experience of a lifetime. For a honeymoon in a fairytale world of time gone by, head to Saba, and Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean.Continue Reading →

Zanzibar for Honeymooners

Zanzibar for Romance

Zanzibar is a beautiful Indian Ocean island off the coast of Tanzania. Although Zanzibar is now part of the Republic of Tanzania, it was once its own country. Zanzibar is famous for its spices, its Afro-Arab culture, and its perfectly spoken Swahili. The unique culture of Zanzibar is a still obvious to anyone who visits, and the island flair makes it a perfect tropical vacation spot. If you’re looking for Africa’s best honeymoon location, Zanzibar is it!

Where to Stay

Asmini Palace Hotel is an excellent place to stay with your sweetheart when you visit Zanzibar. This is a midrange hotel, making it perfectly priced for newlyweds but still luxurious enough for a special vacation. The “Old Africa” flavor makes Asmini Palace Hotel a charming place to relax between beach trips, and the historic quality of the architecture is like a fantasy. You’ll get the best of mainland African culture as well as Arab culture here — a blend that is characteristic of Zanzibar.

If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, book Next Paradise Boutique Resort. This luxury hotel is located right on the beach, and you can enjoy tanning by the pool as you look over the beautiful Indian Ocean. The onsite restaurant has delicious offerings, including fresh sea food and local produce. This is the ultimate Zanzibar beach getaway.

Things to Do in Zanzibar

While you’re in Zanzibar, be sure to visit the spice farm. You’ll get to see (and smell!) the many kinds of spices produced in Zanzibar, and you’ll have the chance to learn about this important part of the island’s commerce. Of course, you can’t visit Zanzibar without taking home some of its famous spices. There’s a reason why it is nicknamed the “Spice Island.”

Another fun activity on Zanzibar is swimming with the dolphins. Make friends with these social creatures, and observe how they frolic in the clear Indian Ocean water. This is the perfect honeymooner’s photo op!

Don’t forget to visit Old Fort Zanzibar. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love exploring the historic fort and learning about the age when it defended Zanzibar from invaders. Another great historic tour is a visit to the Persian Baths. The style and architecture here is beautiful.

Finally, the beaches are absolutely romantic. Enjoy lounging on any one of the beautiful beaches of the island. Pristine white sands and clear blue water awaits! Finish off your days with brilliant African sunsets over the ocean. It’s doesn’t get any better than that.

What to Eat

While you could probably eat street food every day and never get bored, there are also many awesome restaurants on Zanzibar Island. For a fancy date night, go to Emerson Spice. You can get a quick lunch, but the three-course dinner is the real draw. There is a gorgeous garden area that is crafted to reflect the “old town” look of the surrounding area. You can enjoy the spice and flavors of Zanzibar—fish, meat, veggies, and the whole nine yards.

A less expensive lunch or dinner can be found at Ma Shaa Allah Café. This is a favorite with locals, expats and tourists—everyone loves a good meal from this place! Ma Shaa Allah Café serves African dishes with an Arab flair, which is typical traditional fare for Zanzibar. You get big portions for a small price, and everything is yummy. If you want a budget dinner or good lunch, this is the place to go.

Breana Johnson is an American expat living in the Caribbean. Aside from being a writer, she’s also a med school wife, foster mom, and little league coach. Her future aspirations include watching someone else break a world record and visiting the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory. You can follow Breana’s adventures on her blog at

Ultimate Destination: Marrakech


Are you thinking of a honeymoon which will excite your senses, tickle your taste buds and show you an insight into a different culture? Then a honeymoon in Marrakech is for you! Imagine watching the sunrise over the medieval medina from the top of your Riad. Cocktails in the sun overlooking the Atlas mountains.  A relaxing hammam with your loved one. Haggling in the souks. Finding your way through the small and narrow winding streets or exploring the picturesque Atlas mountains. You can even ride a camel in the desert! Continue Reading →

Facebook’s backyard – Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto, California

When looking for a honeymoon destination, most people won’t look at Palo Alto, California. It’s a city known more for being home to tech giants Google and Facebook, than for romantic rendezvous. But for those wanting to take advantage of all the San Francisco Bay has to offer, Facebook’s backyard is a must.Continue Reading →

Romantic Californian holiday in Santa Barbara

Romantic Californian holiday in Santa Barbara
Why You Should Go to Santa Barbara for Your Honeymoon:

A seaside town abounding in charm, Santa Barbara sits on the California coast about 100 miles north of LA. Nestled cozily between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains.  The city’s beauty and charm have become famous for drawing celebrities. Drew Barrymore, and talk show giants Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey, who own homes in the neighboring town of Montecito.Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Destination: San Blas Islands, Panama

Honeymoon destination San Blas Islands, Panama

When you close your eyes and think about your ideal honeymoon location, what do you see? Does your imagination conjure images of long white unspoiled sandy beaches dotted with palm trees, and a warm Caribbean breeze blowing in from a crystal clear aquamarine ocean just begging you to snorkel or dive down to its reefs? Do you see sailboats anchored offshore while you sip umbrella-laden fruity drinks in tandem with the person you’ve just committed to spending the rest of your life with? If any of that sounds like what you have in mind, we have four words for you: San Blas Islands, Panama (a.k.a. Guna Yala).

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Why a visit to ‘The Forgotten Country’ Will be an Unforgettable Honeymoon

Luang Prabang, an unforgettable honeymoon
Settled firmly in the center of northern Laos, Luang Prabang sits along the Mekong River, a serene relic of the country’s colonial past.

The entirety of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is littered with French inspired architecture juxtaposed against the striking beauty of distinctly Asian temples (wats). While not a huge city, the relaxed vibe, striking beauty, and many day trip adventures make Luang Prabang the prefect romantic and unforgettable honeymoon getaway.Continue Reading →

Spectacular Honeymoon in Paris, France

Spectacular honeymoon in Paris, France

A honeymoon is a special time for a couple and there is no better place to celebrate than the city of romance. Your honeymoon in Paris will be filled with friendly people, amazing shops, delicious cafes, and too many fantastic attractions to count. 

Our top three sights to explore on your honeymoon in Paris
Arc De Triomphe

Staying inside the heart of the city is a must, because it makes it much easier to see all of the important sites that Paris has.  Whilst on honeymoon in Paris, every couple needs to venture over to the Arc de Triomphe, which was built in 1836.  After climbing up 284 steps to the viewing platform, couples will be able to see more than a dozen streets filled with activity.Continue Reading →

Banff: The Ultimate Honeymoon destination

Ultimate Honeymoon destination
Banff: The Ultimate Honeymoon destination

Rugged, vast and undeniably alluring; this mountainous region is arguably the most beautiful in all of Canada and the ultimate honeymoon destination in North America. Few landscapes in the world can compare to the majestic beauty of Alberta in Canada, particularly, the awe inspiring Banff National Park.Continue Reading →